Visionary Art

Permanent art exhibition in Foyer throughout the conference days

Nana Nauwald

The necessary preparations for any artistic vision are intensity of attention and conscious perception. For me this preparation started already in my childhood with my father, an artist by himself. So I lived in an environment of paintings and spiritual questions. The study of the old masters of art and the mysteries of their manifold painting techniques sharpened and changed my view of “seeing” to “perceiving”.

The term “perception” for me does have the meaning of an act of insight, of actually “perceiving” the deeper information of the quality which is shining through the form and expression of an artwork.

Conscious perception as an act of cognition is only possible by experience. Each experience is a sensual impression. The natural world as expression of a “creative intelligence”, and the people “who know”, whom I met during several travels to the old indigenous cultures who live in the Amazon jungle area of Peru are my teachers for the experience of all the possible fields of the “Multiversum”.

My experience in these cultures, which still live in the living spirit and do have knowledge of the interwoven, intermingled network of all visible and invisible appearances of information, do have a strong impact on my art work.
• I perceive the worlds of consciousness as a spiritual net, in which each part is connected with every other part.
• Every part carries information and information is spirit.
• Matter and consciousness are an interwoven unity, a limitless field of possibilities, resonating with everything.
• Information also is vibration, sound. Colour and form are a visible expression of the qualities of vibrations.
• Therefore my paintings are visible “songs”, which are weaving all information into an always new and renewing net of consciousness.

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