The Adventure of Visionary Art

Visionary artists inspire us to look beyond the veil of cultural and linguistic limitations by providing insights into an expanded transcendent view of reality.

  • Pablo Amaringo

    Plants—in the great living book of nature—have shown me how to study life as an artist and shaman. They can help all of us to know the art of healing and to discover our own creativity, because the beauty of nature moves people to show reverence, fascination, and respect for the extent to which the forests give shelter to our souls.

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  • Howard G. Charing

    My work is hugely influenced by my visionary experiences with Ayahuasca. During these encounters with the plant, I am connected to the vast bio-geometric structure of the plant consciousness which forms a fractal of the structure of the cosmos. These are my modest attempts to portray the fractal geometric mystery of plant and universal consciousness

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  • David Slocum Hewson

    I began to hear references to Chullachaqui, Yacumama, Runamula. The people spoke of these unseen forces in common daily life, legends and myths of the jungle, which while perhaps (arguably) not “existing” in the material physical realm existed in non-material spiritual realms. In these I found a rich source of inspiration for my work, visuals and subjects I began to incorporate into my art.

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  • Nana Nauwald

    The necessary preparations for any artistic vision are intensity of attention and conscious perception. I lived in an environment of paintings and spiritual questions.

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  • Moises Llerena

    Moises started his art studies in USKO AYAR Amazonian School of Painting and although he developed his art techniques here, he considers nature to be the true master teacher where we can all find beauty, love and teachings that assist us in maturing in body and spirit.

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  • Alfredo Zagaceta

    Alfredo studied and apprenticed with Pablo Amaringo. Today, three of Alfredo’s paintings hang in the International Museum of Children’s Art in Norway and his paintings participated in many collective art exhibitions in Peru, The United States, Europe and Japan.

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  • Jheferson

    As a self-taught artist, Jheferson’s neo-Amazonian visionary painting style was a result of the visions induced by master plants. On his canvas, he paints the spiritual and invisible worlds that he perceives.  His works transcend the veil that separates us from the spiritual realm and invites us to explore this other world of shamanic visions.

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