Guest speaker biography

Richard Grossman

L.Ac., O.M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Grossman (USA) has been working in the field of herbal medicine for over three decades. His work with herbal and plant medicines incorporates a spiritual perspective, ie. He works with the spirit or consciousness of the plant; this adds a powerful Shamanic dimension to his medicine practice.

He has also worked extensively in the field of Oriental medicine, and has obtained a Masters in Acupuncture, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine degree, a Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine, amongst his other achievements.

For over ten years, he has been studying with Amazonian shamans working with Ayahuasca and sound healing. Since then he has become recognised for the healing work he does in ceremonial settings. His work is a unique synthesis of traditional Amazonian shamanism, deep energetic healing, and sound healing techniques from many of the world’s cultures.


Conference session

Workshop: Medicine, Music, and Magic

Sound is Magic, sound is medicine, and sound can heal. In this experiential workshop, Dr. Grossman will share his experience and techniques acquired from over 25 years experience of working with sound as a medium for affecting positive change in a person’s life.

Topics covered will include how to listen to and sing the sacred songs of ceremony, the icaros, and how to discover your own song. Also covered will be how to find your instrument(s), and how to learn to play in a way that is effective in a ceremonial context.

Notes from Behind the Mesa

In the Amazonian tradition, those sitting in ceremony are considered to be “In front of the Medicine” while the person serving is considered to be “behind the medicine”. For 10 years, Dr. Richard Grossman has been sitting behind the medicine. An important question for anyone who is considering drinking Ayahuasca is why, what are the benefits and potential for personal transformation? Here in this presentation, Dr Grossman explains, how Ayahuasca heals, what are the potential pitfalls and limitations. He will clarify critical issues such as how to prepare for the ceremony, and how you can best prepare for this encounter.

In this presentation he will explore ways to achieve maximum benefit and address and overcome challenging emotional wounds that can emerge for healing during the ceremony. In addition, Dr Grossman discusses how to interpret and understand the deep insights that can be received during the ceremony. He also takes a good look of the ways to discern the messages and revelations that are real from those that might lead one down ineffective and non-productive paths. A model for post ceremony integration will also be presented.