Guest speaker biography

C. Michael Smith

Clinical psychologist, medical anthropologist, shamanic teacher

C. Michael Smith, Ph.D. (Mikkal) is an internationally renowned Jungian scholar, clinical psychologist, medical anthropologist, and shamanic teacher. He has been a student of entheogenically-based shamanism for three decades, and has been researching healing powers of PsilocybeCubensis and Ayahuasca within a depth psychological and sacred context, in the Peruvian Amazon.

He is director of Crows Nest Centers for Shamanic Studies International, with learning and healing communities in Bruxelles, Belgium; Payzac, France; Capetown South Africa; and the USA. Author of the best selling ‘Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue’, and the acclaimed ‘Psychotherapy and the Sacred’ (Gradiva Awards, 1996). He was elected to Le Collège de Chamanisme Ancestral in Paris, and has been a teaching member of the French Cercle de Sagesse de l’Union des Traditions Ancestrales for many years.

C. Michael Smith, Ph.D.
Michigan Licensed Psychologist


Conference session

Jung, Neuroscience, and Entheogenic Shamanism

In this presentation we will explore the rich interface of Jungian psychology, recent findings in neuroscience, and those forms of shamanism rooted in Amazonian power plants and Mexican fungi. We will explore enhancement of psychological creativity and spirituality, and promotion of limbic repair in the healing of traumas, and in opening individuals into creative living.