Guest speaker biography

Helena Barquilla

Trainer in 5 Rhythms

She was born in Spain, and has lived in France, the US, the UK, Peru and Argentina. In her early twenties she worked as an international model. In 1996 she began to explore and train in several therapeutic and spiritual practices as Shiatsu, Massage, Yoga and Shamanism. From 1999 until 2004 she lived in Peru where she researched into South American traditional healing practices and received an Anthropology Degree in the University of Cusco. During that time, she also met and actively collaborated with shamans and healers from the Andes and the Amazonian Jungle and participated in numerous local rituals and congresses about indigenous traditional medicine.

In 2003 she began, been a direct student of Gabrielle Roth, and becoming an authorised teacher in 2008. In 2009 she moved back to Spain, been the first Spanish trained as a 5 Rhythms teacher. Since then, she has been offering on-going courses and workshops though out the country. She has also trained as Yoga teacher and currently studies and practices Zen Buddhist Meditation. She has created a program for women´s empowerment through body movement called She Moves.



Conference session

Workshop: The 5 Rhythms

The 5 Rhythms were founded by Gabrielle Roth in the late 1970s; it draws from indigenous and world traditions having the influence of shamanistic ecstatic, mystical and eastern philosophy it also draws from Gestalt therapy.

The 5 Rhythms is a map that explores, the inner and outer worlds of individuals through five fundamental qualities of movement, each one being also a dynamic state of being. This map offers a soul journey by exploring embodiment, emotions, the life cycle, and the psyche.

Music is what guides us through our different landscapes, inducing us to reconnect with the fluid essence of our bodies, with the fire of our hearts, with the fascinating creative potential of our mind, with the lightness of our being and the holy void of the spirit of all things.

In this Workshop we are going to explore the energetic nature of each of the Rhythms and their movement qualities, and experience how together they create an organic energetic cycle called the WAVE: Flowing/receptivity, Staccato/arousal, Chaos/surrender-release, Lyrical /expansion, Stillness/integration-relaxation.

Besides getting to recognize this movement and their energetic qualities in you, you might feel deeply rooted and revitalized by expressing them, feel emotional fluidity and openness, attain calmness of the mind, as a deep sense of connection with others and life, experience a sense of expansiveness and lightness of being as you progressively enter a deeper state of consciousness that will lead you to a profound sense of inner peace.

Movement as a Path to Awakening Consciousness

Dance has been present since the origins of human culture, throughout history it has had a great significance in our evolutionary development and has served many social functions:

It has been a vehicle for exploring and expressing the complexity of the many aspects of individuals and communities. As an art form that has facilitated an effective and therapeutic communication bridge between the conscious and the unconscious processes, making them aware and transforming their causes.

Dance has also been regarded in many cultures as a spiritual practice where the dancers through movement and rhythm, can access altered states of consciousness and blissful, ecstatic and elevated experience, often followed by a deep relaxation and meditative trance.

Traditional dance roots are now finding their way into western contemporary cultures due to an increasing collective need for embodiment, free emotional expression, deep longing for connection, a hunger for internal exploration and spiritual meaning.