A journey of self discovery

”The best thing you can leave is a seed for others to work with” Pablo Amaringo

Keynote Speakers

Graham Hancock

Writer and Journalist

The evidence shows that many of the greatest civilisations of the past, from ancient Egypt to ancient Greece, and from ancient India to the ancient Americas, enshrined the use of psychedelics as a sacred practise and found immense value in the visions that ensued. Further back still, in the epoch of the great cave art 30,000 and more years ago, recent archaeological research suggests that shamanistic use of psychedelics was instrumental in the birth of the modern human mind.

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Dennis J. McKenna

Ph.D., Ethnopharmacologist and Research Pharmacognosist

Consciousness is something that most people know from subjective experience, but might find difficult to define.  There is a general consensus that being conscious involves being awake, aware, and having a subjective sense of self-hood.  Introspection, which implies an internal state of awareness, seems to be an essential element of consciousness, as does the ability to apprehend the external world through sensory receptors and to interpret that information in a way that is meaningful, and that fits within some kind of conceptual framework of self-awareness.

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Jan Kounen

Director and Filmmaker

In the documentary ”Other Worlds” Jan Kounen reveals the healing power of the Shamans and their plant teachers. Filmed mostly in the Peruvian Amazon, it features several internationally distinguished luminaries and shamans who are interviewed about the nature of the Ayahuasca experience, such as Jeremy Narby, the visionary artists Pablo Amaringo and Alex Grey, Stanislav Grof, and many more.

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Jeremy Narby

Ph.D., Author, Anthropologist and Activist

The renowned anthropologist presents from his intensive field explorations how indigenous people in the Amazon engage with plants and animals as intelligent beings, and view the natural world as suffused with intelligence.

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Guest Speakers

C. Michael Smith

We will explore the rich interface of Jungian psychology, recent findings in neuroscience, and those forms of shamanism rooted in Amazonian power plants and Mexican fungi.

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Helena Barquilla

Traditional dance roots are now finding their way into western contemporary cultures due to an increasing collective need for embodiment, free emotional expression, deep longing for connection, a hunger for internal exploration and spiritual meaning.

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Richard Grossman

Dr Grossman explains, how Ayahuasca heals, what are the potential pitfalls and limitations. He will clarify critical issues such as how to prepare for the ceremony, and how you can best prepare for this encounter. In this presentation he will explore ways to achieve maximum benefit and address and overcome challenging emotional wounds that can emerge for healing during the ceremony.

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David ‘Slocum’ Hewson

Dietas are for deep cleansing and grounding which have a profound effect on consciousness. When dense or negative energy is released from the body, and there is a spiritual practice in place to support this, an inner balance and comes into the emotional and physical bodies. This inner alignment is a part of the process of the Plant Dieta.  

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Nana Nauwald

During this experiential workshop, Nana will inspire through rhythmic stimulation an exploration with ritual body postures to induce a healthy state of insight and connection with your inner wisdom, to access and energize your inner creativity.

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Horia & Elena Francisc Turcanu

This Journey is an introduction in the simple technology of Presence. Its goal is to explore a new magnitude of perception and to connect with the most dense and refined dimensions of Being.

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Anngwyn St. Just, Ph.D.

In unresolved trauma, the past is always present and the experience of overwhelming life events can alter our perceptions of both time and space.

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Peter Cloudsley

We will piece together an understanding of ‘the time of the ancestors’ and how we can restore health and balance in our lives through participating in ancient mysteries.

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