Terms & Conditions

1. What is Sumiruna Awakenings?
Sumiruna Awakenings is an event organised by Eunitas Events SRL, which draws the participants’ attention on the importance of personal development, revealing at the same time the impact on the collective consciousness.

2. Object and acceptance of the terms and conditions of use
The access to and use of this website by the interested persons are governed by the Romanian legislation incident in this matter, and the terms and conditions described. The use of this website represents a total tacit acceptance of the terms and conditions below. The person interested undertakes to comply with the provisions of the terms and conditions. The user will always have access to view the terms and conditions on this website.

SC Eunitas Events SRL reserves the right to update continuously the website content, to add new categories, items or sections and to modify the architecture of this website, and implicitly the content of terms and conditions, without a prior notification of the person interested / user.

3. Privacy
By using this website, it is considered that the person interested has accepted the privacy policy. Before providing personal data (including e-mail), the person interested will be asked expressly to accept the terms and conditions of use.
Eunitas Events SRL undertakes to preserve the privacy of the users’ personal data. Also, Eunitas Events SRL reserves the right to use all information provided by users to develop and improve its services in order to conduct online operations for the sale-buy of tickets for future events.

4. Exclusion of liability within the event Sumiruna Awakenings
Based on the national legislation, Eunitas Events SRL shall not be liable for:
• Participation in the event of minors, person under the age of 18
• The consumption of drugs, narcotics or other drugs during the event
• The sale, respectively the purchase of drugs, narcotics and other drugs during the event
• The content of the material presented by the speaker during the event

5. Smoking
During the event, the smoking is prohibited for the participant. Exceptionally, smoking is allowed only in special places, in accordance with the existing legislation.

6. Copyright
Throughout the event, it is prohibited for the participant to capture images and sounds by any recording device. Also, it is prohibited for the participant the visual exposure of the event (poster / flyer / images / video, etc.). The failure to comply with these obligations confers the organiser the right to confiscate / destroy the equipment, as well as the product obtained by its use.

7. Sell and reservation of the tickets
To purchase or reserve a ticket for the event Sumiruna Awakenings, the person interest must a user registered on the official website: www.sumiruna.org. The methods for purchasing / reserving the tickets are described on the website, under the section ‘Price & Availability’.
The tickets on sale on the website can be purchased through the following payment methods:
• online payment by EuPlatesc.ro
• payment by bank transfer

Online payment by EuPlatesc.ro
The website http://www.sumiruna.org uses the application EuPlatesc.ro for the online transactions. The online payment can be made using the personal card or your company’s card, in fully safe conditions. The payment transactions are made through a secure system for online transaction processing that provides privacy, safety and simplicity in purchasing products and services through the Internet. The card data processing is done exclusively through the application EuPlatesc.ro, our website does not request and does not store any details related to the card used.
Bank transfer – payment via bank (payment order)

Our account information:

- Registered in the Trade Register with No. J40/9780/2014
- Unique registration code RO33503998
- Headquarters, Str.Dr.Petre Herescunr. 29, sector 5, Bucharest
- Account IBAN RO84BACX0000001137560000, opened at UniCredit

The payment by bank transfer can be made at the headquarters of the bank of through internet banking. If this option is chosen, please bear in mind that the order processing will be done only after the collection confirmation of the amounts transferred by the banking institution.
For information: for the interbank payments made until 12:00 during the day, in general, the money is transferred on same day. For the interbank payments made after 12:00, in general, the money will be transferred in the next morning. For the interbank payments (from UniCredit Tiriac Bank), the money is transferred almost instantly.
This schedule is only for information purposes, S.C. EUNITAS EVENTS S.R.L. is not responsible in any way for the delays caused by the settlement operations between banks, and nor for other reasons that delay the transfer of money in the account.
Bank transfer
For reasons not related to S.C. EUNITAS EVENTS S.R.L., it may happen sometimes to be errors in the bank transactions delaying the registration and order processing by us. In case of a message from the bank or if you notice that the transaction on your account was not performed, please notify us in writing at the address vanesa.vladarean@adlgroup.eu or contact@sumiruna.org

The procedure for ticket purchasing:
- choose the product / products you want
- read the specifications, product description, price and availability of the ticket
- at this point, you can complete the order as unregistered user or
- open an account
- fill in the invoicing data
- select the payment method
- press the button ‘complete order’
You will receive an e-mail confirmation for the order placed, and the invoice
The buyer has the obligation, after receiving the order confirmation by e-mail, to check all information carefully and to notify immediately any error occurred. S.C. EUNITAS EVENTS S.R.L. is not responsible for any delay or communication error caused by the buyer’s mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files in the e-mail, errors, defects, viruses, delays in operation or transmission, etc.
Order Confirmation
The confirmation of order / Pro Forma invoice, together with the unique order number (Order ID) will be sent only by email at every new order placed on the website www.sumiruna.org. The buyer has the obligation to check any information provided in the order and to notify if any errors have occurred in the information provided. Any complaints (in writing via e-mail, or by telephone) will be made mentioning the unique order number received. In this case, the buyers will receive by e-mail the Confirmation of order updated.

8. Tickets Cancellation
The cancellation of tickets until 01.02.2016, purchased through this website, may be requested at no charge.
Starting with 01.02.2016 until 01.04.2016, the tickets purchased through this website can be cancelled, with a refund from the organiser of 70% of the ticket price.
Starting with 01.04.2016 until 01.06.2016, he tickets purchased through this website can be cancelled, with a refund from the organiser of 50% of the ticket price.
Starting with 01.06.2016, the ticket can be cancelled, but the value of the ticket will not be refunded.
In case of cancelling the order, SC EUNITAS EVENTS SRL guarantees the refund of the above described amount from the equivalent of the payment made, in within 30 calendar days of the notification.

9. Delivery
The electronic ticket is delivered online, to the e-mail address as indicated by the buyer, after the payment has been done.
9.1. Processing times
The purchase of the tickets through EuPlatesc.ro will be confirmed in accordance with the terms and conditions of EuPlatesc.ro application.
9.2. Delivery cost
Sending the tickets is free of charge.

10. Payment
All prices displayed on www.sumiruna.org are final and contains VAT.

11. Invoicing
The prices and the payment method chosen are specified in the confirmation of order received by e-mail. Any order made via the website www.sumiruna.org will be processed and sent to be worked on only after the payment confirmation. The invoice issued will contain the data indicated by the buyer and the ticket number.
According to Article 155, para. 6 of the Tax Code ‘It is not mandatory for the invoices to be sealed and signed’, and according to the Tax Code Article 155, paragraph 8, section c: ‘The invoices can be sent by electronic means’. SC EUNITAS EVENTS SRL is not obliged to provide to the buyer the invoice in physical format, but only in electronic format. Upon buyer’s request, we can send the invoice in physical format, signed and stamped, by courier with payment to the receipt.

12. Complaints, penalties and payment terms
The satisfaction of our customers is extremely important to us. If you encounter any problems, please notify us in writing by e-mail to contact@sumiruna.org To resolve the complaint, it is necessary to specify your identification data, as well as the contact details (telephone, e-mail address), order number. A complaint can be made within 24 hours after the occurrence of the event notified. The resolution deadline for the complaints is 5 days.
If the buyer fails to pay the tickets, they can be cancelled within 7 calendar days after they were ordered.

13. Final and transitional provisions
The terms and conditions on this website are supplemented by the legal provisions in force, which have incidence on the content and type of activities carried out through the website www.sumiruna.org.
The website www.sumiruna.org is administrated and owned by S.C. EUNITAS EVENTS S.R.L.
Telephone: +40731013639

All website content, images, texts, visuals, products and information (without being limited thereto) presented on www.sumiruna.org are the property of the company S.C. EUNITAS EVENTS S.R.L. Their adoption without our written consent is illegal and will be signaled as such to the authorities.
By visiting, using or buying the tickets from www.sumiruna.org the users / visitors / buyers declare that they accept, agree and understand all clauses of the form. S.C. EUNITAS EVENTS S.R.L. provides no guarantee for the content of the website, it may not be entirely accurate or valid, may contain errors or mistakes.
The purchase of the tickets can be made only by people who are minimum 18 years, and only by accepting the list of Terms and Conditions in the page of complete order.

13.1. Security
The security of the card data is very important to us. The website www.sumiruna.org processes the card data entered through our partner EuPlatesc.ro.
The card data entered when paying an order are not stored on the website and they can be access by our employees. For the safety of your data, the data entering is performed directly on the secured servers EuPlatesc.ro or you can pay by wire transfer. The transmission of the card data is made only encrypted, in accordance with the laws in force, and only in compliance with the rules required for the security of the payment processing solutions.

13.2. Registration as a user
The website www.sumiruna.org can be accessed and visited without requiring the authentication or registration as a user (creation of an account). The authentication or registration as a user is necessary when performing the order.
The registration as a user can be made with the e-mail address, name and surname, telephone number and address. The registration as a user implies the acceptance of this form Terms and Conditions.

14. Personal data
SC EUNITAS EVENTS SRL processes the personal data of the buyers / visitors by automated and manual means, designed to issue the invoices for services and products, to deliver the orders placed, to collect the receivables related to them, as well as to resolve the requests related to the activity carried out by the company.
SC EUNITAS EVENTS SRL is registered as personal data operator at the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing under the number xxx.
According to Law No. 677/2001 on the protection of individual with regard to the personal data processing and the free movement of such data, subsequently amended and completed and Law No. 506/2004 on the personal data processing and protection of the private life in the field of electronic communication, SC SUNTIME EVENTS SRL has the obligation to manage safely and only for the specified purposes, the personal data provided by the buyer / visitors. The name, address, telephone number, e-mail address are collected and processed in order to release the payment documents and to perform the banking transaction (if necessary), in order to contact the buyer (if needed), and in order to deliver the ticket order to the address indicated. The provision of these data is mandatory, in order to honour the order made on www.sumiruna.org. The refusal to provide these data causes the cancellation of the order made on the website and the refund of the payment made (if applicable). The information registered are intended for the use by SC EUNITAS EVENTS.
According to Law No. 677/2001, the buyers / visitors have the right to access and to modify the data, the right to not be subjected to an individual decision and the right to go to court. Also, they have the right to take an opposite position on processing the personal data concerning them and they have the right to request the deletion of data. To exercise these rights, you can submit a written request, dated and signed, to the e-mail vanesa.vladarean@adlgroup.eu or contact@sumiruna.org .

15. Use of cookies
To ensure the smooth functioning of this site, we place in your computer sometimes small data files known as cookies. Most sites make it.
What is meant by cookies?
The cookie is a small text file that a website saves in your computer or your mobile device when you visit. Thanks to cookies, the site retained for a period of time, actions and preferences (login, language, font size, and other display items). So you do not have to retype whenever you return to the site or navigate from one page to another.
How to control cookies?
You can control and / or delete cookies as you like - for details, see the website aboutcookies.org. You can delete all cookies from your computer and set most browsers to block their placement. If you do this, you may need to manually set some preferences each time you visit the site. Also, it is possible that some service or option not operate.

16. Offers and promotions
Occasionally, some products may be displayed on the website with a reduced price. These offers are valid only during the specified period or only during the period the discount is available on website and does not represent a permanent offer. Any promotional campaign conducted on www.sumiruna.org may be subject to some specific terms and conditions.
The buyers who benefit from these promotions or offers will be subject to the terms and conditions related to that promotion or offer; those provisions are completing this set of terms and conditions and not cancelling it.
In case of the promotional offers or price discounts, the date of the order / payment, and the date of product delivery must be within the promotional period. If a product purchased is subject to a subsequent discount, the price paid at the time of purchase cannot be reduced, even if the date of delivery falls during the promotion.
Any promotional offer is valid while stocks last, regardless of the promotional period.

17. Force majeure
Neither party will be liable for the failure to perform its contractual obligations, if such failure is due to a force majeure event. Force majeure is the unforeseeable event, beyond the control of the parties and that cannot be avoided.

18. Compliance with laws and standards
According to the Romanian legislation in force, this form called Terms and Conditions is a sale and purchase agreement, and accepting this form means the distance signing of the sale and purchase agreement.
The company complies with all laws applicable to its contractual accomplishments, regarding the delivery of tickets and services and applicable for the health, safety and environment.
This agreement is governed by the Romanian legislation. Any disputes arising from the interpretation and execution of this agreement will be settled amicable, and if no consent is reached this way, they will appeal to the competent courts.
This form Terms and Conditions is drawn up in Romanian, in accordance with the current laws in force on the Romanian territory. Any translation into other languages is based on the Romanian version, and any dispute will be resolved based on the Romanian version of the Terms and Conditions.

19. Miscellaneous
If one or more of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions is/are considered to be invalid, void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect.
S.C. EUNITAS EVENTS S.R.L. and the buyers will be considered independent contractors and none of the parties has the right or authority of assuming or creating any obligation on behalf of and at the expense of the other.

20. Consent
The buyers / visitors of this website agree with this set of terms and conditions when entering the website until the end of the visit here, whether they order products on this website or not.