A journey of self discovery

”The best thing you can leave is a seed for others to work with” Pablo Amaringo

Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana. Learn more at www.maps.org.

The Journey of The Heart is a Community dedicated to exploring the healing potential of expanded states of Consciousness through original programs, workshops, seminars, initiatic journeys, sacred rituals, conferences, retreats. All under the name of Inner Master School. Under The Integral Personal Development it is a School of Being.

A School of Mysteries that has as main goal the inner change through Awareness and Consciousness. The Inner Master School offers support to integrate, in the daily life, the knowledge acquired through experiencing the deepest and highest states of Being. It was founded in 2007 by HEFT (Horia and Elena Francisc Turcanu) out of their will to share simple means of their spiritual experiences with others and from their belief that each individual’s inner transformation can change the entire world.

The name of this Community - The Journey of The Heart - represents the Inner Journey of any human being and also of the entire Humanity, from spiritual amnesia to Complete Consciousness, illuminated by The Inner Master. It is the journey of knowledge, direct experience; healing and Life lived at its full Soul potential.

More details at www.calatoriainimii.ro

At Concept Tropic you are in the wonderful and magic world of crystals!

We created this space, for those who share the love for crystals, the passion for beads, the love for beauty, healing abilities or the wish to spiritually evolve, and are interested to know and share their experiences with those like minded.

For those of you who started by being our clients and became our friends, the moment has arrived, after years of market presence in our stores and fares, for us to be present in the online.

We invite you online to www.concepttropic.ro and in our stores:
1. Bdul. Bdul. Gheancea, Nr. 126-132, H-D Mall, Bucuresti
2. Piata Romana, Str. Mihail Eminescu nr. 17, Bucuresti
3. Braila - Calea Calarasilor Bloc 15
For more information:
Phone no./Store | +4078.826.94.92 | +4078.822.48.08
Email: office@concepttropic.ro

Hermitage. urban spiritual hub is a space dedicated to the urban community, a place for a spiritual contemporary lifestyle. Here you can reconnect to the dimension beyond our minds. You can do yoga, meditate, listen to mystic music or spiritual teachings, participate in workshops that help you develop yourself and be with people that inspire you. The space has a meditation space that can accommodate 200 people, a coffee shop with raw vegan food (opening soon), that has alternative fresh & healthy dished absolutely necessary after yoga or meditation sessions. For body therapies we have a dedicated area for bowen therapy, therapeutically massage, craniosacral, at the second floor. In the big meditation space we enter bare foot and we keep and interior state of peace and relaxation. We invite you to discover this spiritual oasis, right in the center of Bucharest!

For more details about Hermitage. urban spiritual hub go to www.hermitageurban.ro

The Seeds for Happiness Center is an oasis of serenity in a hectic world, a place where individuals can (re)discover the spiritual component of their existence and learn to truly enjoy the moment, in the moment. It is a space of silence, of recollection, of deepening within oneself, of becoming the self.

The Center provides generous space that includes a meditation room, with a capacity of 25 individuals, a conference room that can host approximately 90 individuals and a library with over 1500 written volumes, on topics ranging from spirituality to personal development, including one of the richest collections of Buddhist literature in Romania. It is the place where we gladly share experiences, knowledge and emotions; where we experience gratitude and the satisfaction of being there for one another.

For more details about Seeds for Happiness Center, go to: www.seedsforhappiness.ro sau www.facebook.com/SeedsForHappiness

Amaru Spirit is a family owned natural medicine healing center located twenty minutes outside of the city of Iquitos, and is the home of holistic healing in the Peruvian jungle. In 2008 we began our mission with a single intention: to create a safe healing environment suitable for the restoration of the mind, body, and soul. This work is our passion and calling. Our purpose built facility was designed to ensure maximum comfort to our guest’s, who travel from all over the world specifically to address dis-connectedness, dis-harmony and dis-ease.

The modalities in use at Amaru Spirit include:
• Detoxification with body clay, cleansing and reinvigoration with plant and flower baths.
• Detoxification and cleansing of the energetic body with herbs and master plants.
• Cleanses and flushes for detoxification and rejuvenation with top-quality Western supplements.
• Balancing the physical body with a healthy and nutritionally focused diet consisting of organic produce and ‘Superfoods’
• Clearing and healing of the soul with Ayahuasca and San Pedro.

For more information visit our website: www.amaruspirit.com

The Temple of the Way of Light is a pioneering healing center in the Peruvian Amazon that has safely facilitated ayahuasca retreats for over 4000 guests from more than 30 countries since our foundation in March 2007. Offering a synthesis of ancient Shipibo healing traditions and modern and Eastern integrative practices, the Temple is proud to be known as one of the most respected and long-established plant-spirit shamanism centers in the Amazon Rainforest.

The Temple brings guests from around the world to work with Shipibo healers, ayahuasca and traditional Amazonian plant medicines in a safe, sustainable, and socially responsible environment. We offer our guests the opportunity to benefit from the ancient healing wisdom of the Shipibo people, and to helping this unique culture to preserve its knowledge and identity in the 21st Century.

For more information, please visit our website - www.templeofthewayoflight.org

Sacred Hoop, the world's leading magazine about shamanism, shows you ancient ways to enrich your life, and bring healing and a deeper creative connection with the sacred spirit of Creation.

Sacred Hoop will lead you into the ancient way of the shaman, traditions many tens of thousands of ways old, and explains how these traditions are a signpost to a positive future for life on planetearth, especially in this time of great environmental, social and cultural change.

Published since 1993, Sacred Hoop features articles and interviews with the ancient wisdom keepers of cultures across the world, and connects the reader with those in the West who are bringing these ancient understandings into contemporary life, health care, community and the arts.

Sacred Hoop's colourful pages are filled with enthralling travellers tales and the traditional sacred art and healing ways of the world’s tribal cultures. Each issue brings you simple but effective ways to incorporate these ancient pathways to wholeness into your own life, to make it richer, more connected and more whole-hearted.

To get a very special low-price two year subscription (8 issues) subscription to Sacred Hoop visit www.SacredHoop.org/offer.html

The Third Wave is a community-focused website, providing content and resources for the use of psychedelics in healing, personal growth, and community development.

Our name, 'The Third Wave', encapsulates the current renaissance in psychedelic research and use. We believe it is a growing movement, and that growing movements require a central theme to rally around.

On the whole, we encourage responsible, measured use of psychedelic substances for those who are ready to take the journey.

We encourage you to explore our site at The Third Wave and follow us on twitter: www. twitter.com/thirdwaveishere

Inner Traditions has been publishing books for the spiritual and healing journey since 1975.

With over 1,500 books in print, Inner Traditions/Bear & Co. is a rich source of wisdom and instruction for the spiritual seeker and holistic health practitioner.

Our name says it all: “Inner” because our books address the dimension beyond the material plane and “Traditions” because ancient people have done it before (and often better!), although very often much of this wisdom has been lost, corrupted, or destroyed. It is our mission to rediscover, preserve, and protect the inner traditions of the world so that humanity will forever have the tools to create a better future that will celebrate and heal the earth.

Browse our vast selection of visionary books here.