The first conference on expanded consciousness in Eastern Europe

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this event a wonderful experience. We already make plans for the second edition. More to come! If you are interested in seeing how it was the first Sumiruna Conference in Bucharest check out our website.

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Introducing the four keynote presenters:

  • Graham Hancock

    Writer and Journalist

    His books sold over 5 million copies and were translated into more than 27 languages.

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  • Dennis McKenna

    Ph.D., Ethnopharmacologist and Research Pharmacognosist

    Known for his research on Amazonian ethnopharmacology and plant hallucinogens.

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  • Jan Kounen

    Director and Filmmaker

    Popular for his dedication in Shipibo-Conibo culture and shamanism.

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  • Jeremy Narby

    Ph.D., Author, Anthropologist and Activist

    Investigator of the traditional knowledge systems of indigenous Amazonian peoples.

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Introducing the guest speakers:

  • C. Michael Smith

    Ph.D. Jungian scholar, clinical psychologist, medical anthropologist, and shamanic teacher.

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  • Helena Barquilla

    Trainer in 5 Rhythms, a direct student of Gabrielle Roth, and an authorised teacher of this method.

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  • Richard Grossman

    L.Ac., O.M.D., Ph.D. working in the field of herbal medicine for over three decades.

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  • David Slocum Hewson

    Artist. Founder of a lodge in the Amazonian Rainforest, dedicated to healing the body & spirit.

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  • Nana Nauwald

    Visual artist, author, and researcher of shamanism in indigenous and European traditions.

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  • Horia & Elena Francisc Turcanu

    Transpersonal Therapists, Mentors for those going through psycho-spiritual transformation.

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Why attend

  • Experience

    Empower your personal journey of self-discovery with the world`s new consciousness luminaries.

  • Networking

    A great opportunity to network with well-known experts in the peruvian self-discovery field.

  • Focus

    The speakers can open your mind and your path to self discovery for exploring the emergenge of a new consciousness.

Visionary Art

Permanent art exhibition in Foyer throughout the conference days

  • Pablo Amaringo

    Plants—in the great living book of nature—have shown me how to study life as an artist and shaman. They can help all of us to know the art of healing and to discover our own creativity, because the beauty of nature moves people to show reverence, fascination, and respect for the extent to which the forests give shelter to our souls.

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  • David Slocum Hewson

    He found a rich source of inspiration for his work in the unseen forces Chullachaqui, Yacumama, Runamula. There are the visuals and the subjects he began to incorporate into his art.

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  • Nana Nauwald

    The necessary preparations for any artistic vision are intensity of attention and conscious perception. I lived in an environment of paintings and spiritual questions.

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  • Alfredo Zagaceta

    Alfredo studied with Pablo Amaringo. Today, three of Alfredo’s paintings hang in the International Museum of Children’s Art in Norway. His paintings were in many collective art exhibitions in Peru, The United States, Europe and Japan.

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  • Moises Llerena

    Moises studied in USKO AYAR Amazonian School of Painting and he considers nature to be the true master teacher where we can all find beauty, love and teachings that assist us in maturing in body and spirit.

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  • Howard G. Charing

    My work is hugely influenced by my visionary experiences with Ayahuasca. During these encounters with the plant, I am connected to the vast bio-geometric structure of the plant consciousness which forms a fractal of the structure of the cosmos.

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  • JheffAu

    As a self-taught artist, Jheferson’s neo-Amazonian visionary painting style was a result of the visions induced by master plants. On his canvas, he paints the spiritual and invisible worlds that he perceives.  His works transcend the veil that separates us from the spiritual realm and invites us to explore this other world of shamanic visions.

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