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Hurry up and catch your online e-ticket! Meet the new shamans and enjoy full Visionary wisdom experience for 4 days (23rd – 26th June). You can choose from daily tickets or full access at the conference. All prices are VAT included.

100 Euro / daily ticket

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Pricing & Availability

We have 400 seats available at the Sumiruna Conference (23rd – 26th of June). The conference ticket that offers full access for the entire duration of the conference is 300 Euro (VAT included). For those interested to attend specific talks & workshops, we offer daily tickets at 100 EUR (VAT included) for attendance in days 2,3,4 and at 50 EUR (VAT included) for those wishing to attend day 1. We also have a lunch break every day, but please be aware that lunch is not included in the ticket price. Buy now and you will have access to a multitude of experiences:

7 Talks with some of the most renowned speakers in the world * 5 Workshops * 3 Q&A Sessions * 7 Visionary artists exhibiting their work * 1 Movie screening with the Director's participation * 4 Days of networking

300 Eur / 4 days full access  
100 Eur / daily ticket available for any of day 2,3,4 (24th June, 25th June, 26th June)  
50 Eur / daily ticket available for day 1 (23rd June)  

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